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Health and Fitness Articles

A Walk a Day

The popularity of walking as a fitness activity is growing by leaps and bounds. Low risk a...read more >>

Alcohol Eats Away at Muscle Mass

If increasing muscle mass is one of your goals, then think twice before you go out for a n...read more >>

Battling Boredom

Are you finding it difficult to get out of bed in the morning for your daily walk? Are you...read more >>

Be a Savvy Fitness Shopper

The benefits of exercise are well-researched and well-documented. Unfortunately, that&rsqu...read more >>

Beat the Heat Before It Beats You

It’s summertime and you head out for a run. Before you even finish the first mile, y...read more >>

Couch Potatoes Arise

When most of us think of ways to improve our health and lower our risk for disease, activi...read more >>

Cross-training for Fun and Fitness

Tired of the same old workout? Looking for a level of fitness that your current...read more >>

Diggin’ in the Dirt

Ever notice your neighbor’s well-kept yard? The details are hard to miss: grass that...read more >>

Don’t Deprive Yourself of the Rewards of Exercise

Talking to committed exercisers about the benefits of physical activity is like introducin...read more >>

Eat Right at Work

The workplace can be a nutritional battlefield with doughnuts in the break room, co-worker...read more >>

Eat Well to Stay Motivated and Energized

Do you have trouble exercising at noon or after work, even though you’re truly commi...read more >>

Exercise to Boost Your Job Performance

How would you like to feel more energized at work — to sharpen your brain and enhanc...read more >>

Exercising in the Cold

The biggest concern for exercising in the cold is hypothermia, or too much heat loss. When...read more >>

Fantastic Fiber

Most of us hear the word fiber and automatically think of bland, chalky and all-around una...read more >>

Gearing Up For A Triathlon

With the rising popularity of triathlon racing and the dozens of new sprint races popping...read more >>

Healthy Hydration

Water is one of the most essential components of the human body. Water regulates the body&...read more >>

Healthy Resolutions for the Whole Year

As the first few months of the new year slip away, do you find your resolutions slipping a...read more >>

High-Intensity Interval Training

Looking for a way to add variety to your exercise plan while taking your fitness to the ne...read more >>

How to Train for a Sprint Triathlon

The sprint triathlon distance (0.47-mile swim, a 12.4-mile bike ride and a 3.1-mile or 5K...read more >>

I Need More Energy!

You’re in the middle of a long workout and wondering how in the world you’re g...read more >>

Interval Training

Lack of time is the number one reason people give for not exercising. And lack of results...read more >>

Jumping Rope: Not Just for Kids Anymore

Remember the song, “Not last night but the night before, twenty-four robbers came kn...read more >>

Kick Your Way to Fitness

Are you bored with your current fitness routine? It may be time to kick your way to one of...read more >>

Make a Splash With Water Fitness

Are you ready to take the plunge and try a new fitness activity? How about water exercise?read more >>

Making Time for Exercise Is Easy

By now you know that exercise is good for you, and that you should do something on a regul...read more >>

Off-season Success

Has the long, hard-fought season come to an end? Are you left telling yourself that there...read more >>

Reaching Your Goals the SMART Way

Are you one of those people who resolve to get back into shape every time the New Year com...read more >>

Ready to Run?

You’re ready to start working out. But courts, balls, rackets and weights just aren&...read more >>

Smooth Skating

The in-line skating industry has come a long way since 1984, when there were only 20,000 s...read more >>

Step Training for Fitness and Fun

Within the last few years, step training’s popularity has climbed rapidly. An estima...read more >>

Step Training Guidelines

Step aerobics, which revolutionized the fitness industry when it was introduced in the lat...read more >>

Summer Skin

Every sunscreen has a sun protection factor, or SPF, which is a measure of its strength or...read more >>

Supplement Specifics

Performance-enhancing substances, also called ergogenic aids, are surrounded by controvers...read more >>

Take Your Workout off the Beaten Path

There’s nothing like getting away from it all. But vacations seem to be too few and...read more >>

Test Your Supplement Savvy

Advertised throughout the media, displayed in grocery stores and pharmacies, and promoted...read more >>

The Best Time to Exercise

Contrary to popular belief, women aren’t the only ones with biological clocks. Every...read more >>

The Value of Fruits and Vegetables

We all have childhood memories of our parents telling us to eat our vegetables before we c...read more >>

Thriving at Work, Loving Your Life

Virtual technology and around-the-clock availability has made the line between work and pe...read more >>

Too Much of a Good Thing

A little exercise is good for you, so more must be better, right? Well, sometimes. And som...read more >>

Trail Running Adventure

It’s time to take that same old routine run around the neighborhood and turn it into...read more >>

Training to Run Your First 5K

So you’ve started a walking program and, after a few weeks of consistent improvement...read more >>

Vegetarianism and Athletes

In response to increased levels of cholesterol and a greater risk of heart disease—o...read more >>

What You Need to Know About Group Indoor Cycling

Some call it torturous, others exhilarating. But there’s no denying the popularity o...read more >>

20 Active Ways to Be Social at Work

You’d like to mingle more with your co-workers, but every opportunity seems centered...read more >>

Circuit Training Basics

Looking for a way to infuse your fitness routine with some new energy and excitement? Whet...read more >>

Everything in Moderation

When it comes to exercise, we each determine what we can or cannot do, and how hard we pus...read more >>

Flexibility Benefits

Most people take part in aerobic activity to improve their cardiovascular endurance and bu...read more >>

Fostering a Workplace Culture of Physical Activity

Whether you’re a small business owner, a corporate human resources manager, or a fro...read more >>

If You Don’t Use It, Will You Lose It?

If you’ve been sidelined by an injury, or you’re considering taking a break fr...read more >>

Periodized Training and Why It Is Important

You have the best intentions regarding your workout, but find that your motivation has bee...read more >>

Start a Workplace Walking Group

Would you be more likely to partake in a lunchtime walk if your co-workers joined in? Work...read more >>

Three Things Every Exercise Program Should Have

A complete, safe and effective fitness program must include aerobic exercise, muscular str...read more >>

Time-Saving Tips for On-The-Job Fitness

A long commute doesn’t just eat up your time — it can also sap your energy and...read more >>

Travel Fitness: A Plan of Action to Keep You Active

It is easy to let a vacation or business trip destroy your fitness schedule and eating hab...read more >>

Warm Up to Work Out

Suppose you were told that you only had to add an extra five to 10 minutes to each of your...read more >>

Staying Fit with Lung Conditions

Years ago, people with lung conditions were advised to take it easy, and sit out of strenu...read more >>

Can Exercise Reduce Your Risk of Catching a Cold?

Sir William Osler, the famous Canadian medical doctor, once quipped, “There’s...read more >>

Don’t Be a Sore Loser - Dealing with Muscle Soreness

Delayed onset muscle soreness. It’s the name of the stiff pain you feel as you roll...read more >>

Exercise & Systemic Exertional Intolerance Disease (SEID)

In February 2015, the Institute of Medicine released a report recommending a new name for...read more >>

Exercise and AIDS

An estimated 1 million to 1.2 million people in the United States are living with HIV (hum...read more >>

Exercise And Arthritis

Arthritis is becoming a more prevalent health problem—and not just among the elderly...read more >>

Exercise and Asthma

Asthma is an increasingly common lung disease in the U.S. People who have asthma have infl...read more >>

Exercise and Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a debilitating condition affecting between 1 and 3% of the general populat...read more >>

Exercise and Hypertension

Nearly 70 million Americans have high blood pressure. This elevated pressure, termed hyper...read more >>

Exercise and Pregnancy

For many moms-to-be, the news of a pregnancy is filled with excitement, anticipation, anxi...read more >>

Exercise and Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is a disease that affects the body’s ability to use sugars, starches...read more >>

Exercise and Type 2 Diabetes

The incidence of type 2 diabetes is on the rise, which experts largely attribute to the ri...read more >>

Exercise Can Help Control Stress

People who exercise regularly will tell you they feel better. Some will say it’s bec...read more >>

Exercise for Breast Cancer Survivors

After surviving your breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, you may wonder, if you’l...read more >>

Exercise for Individuals with Eye Impairments

While starting an exercise program poses unique challenges if you are visually impaired or...read more >>

Exercising With a Health Challenge

Exercise can increase longevity and quality of life; improve energy, strength, balance and...read more >>

Exercising With Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease is the most common form of cardiovascular disease and the leading c...read more >>

From Physical Therapy to Personal Fitness

Graduating from physical therapy is a good reason to celebrate and there’s no better...read more >>

Get Back in the Game with Cardiac Rehabilitation

Living with a heart condition can involve huge adjustments to your lifestyle, such as new...read more >>

How to Avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis on Long Plane Flights

The fear of flying is common among the general public. Even though flying has been called...read more >>

How to Prevent and Treat ACL Injuries

Mention an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury to any professional athlete, and he or...read more >>

Managing Cholesterol with Exercise

High cholesterol, known as hypercholesterolemia, is a major risk factor for cardiovascular...read more >>

My doctor says that I have prediabetes. What does this mean?

”Prediabetes” means that the amount of sugar (glucose) in your blood is higher...read more >>

Postpartum Health

After nine months of carrying extra weight around, you’re probably ready to shed the...read more >>

Protecting Your Back At Work

Low-back pain is a leading cause of job-related disability and missed work in the United S...read more >>

Reduce Your Risk for Osteoporosis Now

Osteoporosis is an age-related disorder in which bones become gradually thinner, more poro...read more >>

Starting a Stroke-Recovery Fitness Program

A stroke or “brain attack” occurs when a blood clot blocks the flow of blood t...read more >>

Understanding Sciatica

Low-back pain can have a major impact on your fitness program and ability to perform simpl...read more >>

A SMART Guide to Goal Setting

Have you decided that it’s time to make a change but aren’t sure how to get st...read more >>

Before You Start an Exercise Program

Before you start an exercise program, there are a few questions to ask yourself to determi...read more >>

How to Choose a Health Club

Are you thinking of joining a health club? How many times have you skipped a workout becau...read more >>

How to Choose an Exercise Video

There is no shortage of exercise options. Walking, running, biking, swimming, strength tra...read more >>

How to Choose an Online Personal Trainer

Once thought to be the exclusive domain of the rich and famous, personal trainers have bec...read more >>

How to Choose the Right Group Fitness Instructor

Certification from a nationally recognized certifying organization is the first thing to l...read more >>

How to Choose the Right Personal Trainer

A personal trainer should hold a current certification accredited by the National Commissi...read more >>

How to Design Your Own Home Gym

Exercising at home is a good alternative for people who are short on time or enjoy the con...read more >>

How to start an exercise program

It is well known that people who exercise regularly weigh less and have a reduced risk for...read more >>

Keeping a Food Journal

A food journal (also called a food log or diary) is a record of everything that you eat an...read more >>

Save Money, Get Fit with Small Group Personal Training

Interested in hiring a personal trainer, but concerned about the cost of one-on-one traini...read more >>

Small steps to increase physical activity

Regular physical activity is essential for good health and happiness. People with very act...read more >>

Sneaker Savvy

If you’ve tried to buy a pair of athletic shoes recently, you probably noticed the w...read more >>

Social Support - Does it really matter?

Are you ready to make a change in your lifestyle?  Whether it is eating healthier, ge...read more >>

The Right Exercise Program for You Starts Here

What do you want to get out of an exercise program? The answer to that question defines wh...read more >>

What You Need to Know to Purchase a Treadmill

According to industry data, treadmills consistently rank as the most popular choice for ho...read more >>

Decreasing Stress

Stress is a natural part of our daily lives. Most stress is short-lived, but when it hangs...read more >>


Depression is a common but serious medical that affects people of every age, race, ethnici...read more >>

Know Your Numbers: Blood Pressure

Checking your blood pressure (BP) is a quick and easy way to measure the health of your he...read more >>

Know Your Numbers: Blood Sugar and Hemoglobin A1C

The blood sugar level and hemoglobin A1C are two common blood tests that screen for predia...read more >>

Know Your Numbers: Body Mass Index

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a convenient way to estimate how much fat is on your body. Knowin...read more >>

Know Your Numbers: Cholesterol

Cholesterol, a waxy substance found in the blood, is necessary for good health but some pe...read more >>

Know Your Numbers: Waist circumference

Did you know that extra abdominal fat raises your risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disea...read more >>

Metabolic syndrome

About 35% of adults in the United States have metabolic syndrome, a serious medical condit...read more >>


Do you feel like you will never get a good night’s sleep….ever again? You are...read more >>

Smoking Cessation

Chances are you already know that smoking is the number one cause of preventable death wor...read more >>


Does snoring keep you (or your partner) from getting quality, restful sleep? Read on to le...read more >>

The Lowdown on High Blood Pressure

One simple way to measure the health of your heart is by checking your blood pressure. Hig...read more >>

Type 2 Diabetes

If you have been recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, chances are you need to make som...read more >>

Using the Framingham risk score to predict risk for heart attack

Heart attacks are a leading cause of death and disability for men and women. In fact, ever...read more >>

5 Common Fitness Saboteurs and How to Defeat Them

Ever have those days when you feel like the universe is conspiring to keep you from reachi...read more >>

8 Ways to Get Fit and Be Social

As you get older, it’s vitally important to maintain a strong social network and a p...read more >>


Do you find yourself spending an inordinate amount of time coughing? If so, you’re n...read more >>

Couple’s Personal Training—Fitter Bodies, Stronger Relationship

Do you and your loved one regularly carve out quality time for each other? Are you both ge...read more >>

Energize Your Work Day with an Active Commute

Interested in exercise, but not sure how to squeeze it into your busy schedule? Build it i...read more >>

Gathering Support for Your Active Lifestyle

Staying active and fit in a largely sedentary culture takes effort and, at times, may feel...read more >>

Helping Your Family Become More Active

What can you do when the people you love the most seem stuck in a pattern of sedentary liv...read more >>

Using Technology to Get Fit and Stay Fit

Adopting a habit of regular exercise doesn’t require special equipment or gadgets. I...read more >>

How to Train for a Half-marathon

Your specific approach to half-marathon training will depend on multiple variables: the ti...read more >>

After the Marathon

Whether it is your first or your fiftieth marathon, the feeling is identical when you cros...read more >>

How to Train for a Marathon

The marathon is a 26.2 mile adventure and is seen as the ultimate test of character, disci...read more >>

Is Yoga Right for You?

Considering it’s thousands of years old, it might seem silly to say that yoga has co...read more >>

Pilates Primer

Are you wondering what all the fuss over Pilates is about? Used traditionally by dancers f...read more >>

Reducing Workplace Stress

 Do you have a demanding boss or difficult co-workers? Stacks of work to get done and...read more >>


Carbohydrates (carbs) are an important part of a healthy diet. Not only do carbs give us t...read more >>

Fitting in fiber

Fiber is a substance found in plant foods. Most people eat much less than the recommended...read more >>

Making healthy protein choices

Protein is a pretty big deal. It is part of every cell in the body and in some way, helps...read more >>

The Caloric Expense of Alcohol During the Holidays

For those of you wanting to drown your sorrows of a holiday season gone mad with copious a...read more >>

What is a glycemic index?

The glycemic index (GI) is a measure of how a carbohydrate-containing food affects blood s...read more >>

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean diet has long been considered one of the healthiest, most user-friendly...read more >>

Active Seniors Enjoy Life More

Good news for older adults: part of the prescription for a healthier, better retirement is...read more >>

Exercise And Menopause

There was a time when the word was never spoken, not even between a mother and daughter. M...read more >>

Fitness for Older Adults – Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking about becoming more active or starting a structured fitness program? Good for you...read more >>

Are Your Running Shoes Hurting You?

 Are you wearing the right running shoe for your foot type? When should you replace y...read more >>

Bike + Mountains = Excitement + Challenge

Tired of paved roads and four-wheeled traffic? Enjoy getting out into nature and away from...read more >>

Get Ready to Hit the Slopes

You don’t have to wait for the snow to start falling to get ready for ski season. St...read more >>

Energize Your Life with Strength Training

Are you living the life you want to live? Is a decrease in your physical strength and ener...read more >>

Free Weights vs. Strength-training Equipment

Have you wondered which method of strength training is better, free weights or strength-tr...read more >>

How Women Build Muscle

There are more myths and misconceptions about strength training than any other area of fit...read more >>

Plyometrics: Controlled Impact/Maximum Power

It may sound like the latest action film, but controlled impact and maximum power are the...read more >>

Resistance Tubing Workout

For those times when you just can’t make it to the gym, resistance tubing offers an...read more >>

Steering Clear of Strength Plateaus

Consider this: It’s been a few months since you first started weight training and yo...read more >>

Strength Training 101

You do not need to be a bodybuilder to benefit from strength training. A well-designed str...read more >>

Strengthen Your Abdominals With Stability Balls

 One of today’s most versatile pieces of exercise equipment looks more like an...read more >>

9 Things to Look For in a Quality Weight Loss Program

Consumers spend billions of dollars each year on weight loss programs and products, and ye...read more >>

10 tips for choosing a quality weight loss program

Consumers spend billions of dollars each year on weight loss programs and products, and ye...read more >>

6 Ways to Fine-Tune Your Lifestyle for Weight Maintenance

Achieving your goal weight is a big accomplishment, but don’t rest on your laurels.read more >>

America Needs an Attitude Adjustment

To say that most Americans are concerned about their weight is an understatement. Obsessed...read more >>

Calorie Burners: Activities That Turn Up the Heat

When it comes to burning calories, most people want to get as much mileage out of their ex...read more >>

Diet Myths Debunked

In a society that is becoming increasingly health conscious, more and more information is...read more >>

Don’t be tricked: 8 Diet myths debunked

The media is flooded with an overwhelming amount of information on the ‘right’...read more >>

Don’t Skip Breakfast to Cut Calories

When you’re trying to lose weight, cutting out breakfast may be tempting. You figure...read more >>

Exercise and Cellulite

Cellulite. We all know what it looks like, but misconceptions prevail. The first thing you...read more >>

Keeping your weight in check

Did you know that the average American adult gains 1-2 pounds every year? This may not see...read more >>

Putting on the Pounds

No, you didn’t misread the title. Believe it or not, there are some people who are l...read more >>

So, You Want To Spot Reduce? Here’s How

Besides launching millions of sit-ups, leg lifts and torso twists, the desire for a toned...read more >>

Successful Weight Control

Eating less, or cutting back on fat in your diet, won’t keep the weight off. What yo...read more >>

The Skinny on FAT

Did you know that not all fats are bad for your health? In fact, some fats are really good...read more >>

Trimming Off the Fat

Are you satisfied with your general physique, or would you like to get rid of a few extra...read more >>

Weight loss maintenance-10 tips for keeping it off for good!

Congratulations! Getting to your goal weight is a big accomplishment. Now, the next challe...read more >>

Weight Loss Plateaus and Pitfalls

It’s kind of like running into a wall—that feeling you get when, after a few m...read more >>

Weight loss-Tipping the scales in the right direction

Do you feel like you are on a roller coaster of losing and gaining those same unwanted pou...read more >>

Weight Loss: Diet vs. Exercise

The two major players in the weight-loss battle are diet and exercise. But can the battle...read more >>

What is the DASH diet?

The DASH diet, which stands for “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension”, is...read more >>

Back Pain at Work

Low-back pain is a leading cause of job-related disability and missed work in the United S...read more >>

10 Cooking Tips for Healthy and Delicious Family Meals

1. Plan your meals the MyPlate way. Incorporate a variety of colorful fruits and vegetable...read more >>

10 Fun Summer Activities for Kids

To help kids get the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day, the american cou...read more >>

10 Healthy Foods You Can Eat on the Cheap

By including these items in your snacks and meals, you will save money and boost your heal...read more >>

5 Creative Solutions for Using MyPlate With Your Children

Using the united states department of agriculture’s myplate with your children can m...read more >>

Bring the Color of the Rainbow to Your Family’s Plate

Use the visual appeal of the rainbow to help kids eat five servings of fruits and vegetabl...read more >>

Build a Culture of Fitness Into Your Family

Families that know how to turn movement into fun raise kids who enjoy exercise. What adult...read more >>

Children and Running

If your children have expressed an interest in running, don't discourage them! Runnin...read more >>

Fit Parents Raise Fit Kids: 8 Ways for Parents to Get Moving!

On days when you are stuck inside, it can be hard to figure out ways to help your kids get...read more >>

Fun and Healthy Snacks Even the Pickiest Eater Can't Resist

Researchers found that when vegetables were given a wacky name, consumption doubled &ndash...read more >>

Get the Kids Moving With a Home Obstacle Challenge

On days when you are stuck inside, it can be hard to figure out ways to help your kids get...read more >>

Healthy Eating – MyPlate On Campus

While the “freshman 15” is often an exaggeration, the average teenager enters...read more >>

Healthy Nutrition and Physical Activity for Children with Autism

Here are 10 ideas to help make mealtimes and activity breaks into positive experiences for...read more >>

How can I encourage my family to eat more family meals together?

Kids who regularly eat meals with their families are not only healthier, but they also do...read more >>

How can I make cooking withmy child fun?

Getting your kids into the kitchen can be a great way to spend time together as a family.read more >>

How can I make healthy sandwiches that my kids will actually want to eat?

Kids get tired of the same old boring sandwiches (and parents grow tired of finding uneate...read more >>

How can I teach my child about healthy hydration, especially in the warm summer months?

Proper hydration is a high priority, especially for children engaging in strenuous physica...read more >>

How Should I Help My Child Pick a Sport?

Children who play sports not only have a regular opportunity to engage in physical activit...read more >>

How to Navigate the Farmers Market

Here are 10 tips to make the most of a trip to your local farmers market  for delicio...read more >>

Is All Screen Time Bad For My Preschooler? Maybe Not.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends two hours or less per day of screen time (te...read more >>

Kids in Motion

By the time they reach high school, 64% of children are no longer physically active. If yo...read more >>

My Child Is Obese –Where Can We Get Help?

Once a child is diagnosed as “obese”, parents need help implementing a structu...read more >>

My child struggles in PE. What can do at home to improve my child’s skills?

Here are some ideas to help transform a PE-hating child into a child who actually looks fo...read more >>

Parents. . .Eat Your Words!

    Kids today are fatter and less fit than previous generations. Research shows...read more >>

Peace in Parenthood

Everyone benefits from some quiet time, but this is especially true for parents. Parents a...read more >>

Physical Education = Strong Bodies, Strong Brains

Physical education is now viewed as an expendable part of the school curriculum. Yet there...read more >>

Skip the Food Fights: 10 Ways to Get Kids to Eat Healthier

    1. Model healthy eating. One  of the most important actions you can ta...read more >>

Sports Training for Youth Athletes: How Much is Too Much?

Children today are becoming very involved in sports at a young age, with many playing on m...read more >>

Strength Training for Kids: A Guide for Parents and Teachers

Although parents and physical education teachers have traditionally shied away from streng...read more >>

Strength Training for Kids: A Guide for Parents and Teachers

Many parents and physical education teachers have traditionally shied away from strength t...read more >>

Summer Fruit Recipes

So many fruits, like juicy peaches, sweet melons and tangy plums, are plentiful in the mar...read more >>

Teens, Fitness and You

Statistics show that suicide, pregnancy and firearm-homicide are all on the rise for teens...read more >>

Tips for Fun and Healthy Travelwith the Kids

Travel is a great way to expose the kids to new cultures, strengthen the family bond and r...read more >>

Tips to Get More Fruits and Veggies in Your Day

Do you have the best of intentions, but ultimately struggle to get the recommended five to...read more >>

Transform Your Grocery Shopping Experience

Plan what foods you will need for the whole week. Choose recipes and snacks for each day.read more >>

What is Normal Growth?

Children tend to follow a constant genetically determined percentile curve on the growth c...read more >>

Why do all kids' programs include snack time?

It seems that snacks are used in many situations as a guaranteed time to make the kids hap...read more >>

Why Moms Should Put Themselves First

Put your health first. Yes, first—above your kids, your husband and your job. The lo...read more >>

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